Damballa Network Security Checkup

Take Your Network Security Pulse

Assess and improve defenses in 30 days

Want to understand what’s happening inside your network? Damballa’s Network Security Checkup gives you the power to improve your perimeter defenses, uncover hidden threats and initiate a response to stop data theft. Read the Damballa Network Security Checkup Trend Report.

Our 30-day assessment service is straightforward and low-touch:

  1. Damballa monitors and diagnoses your network activity from an easy-to-install passive sensor. No complex configurations required.
  2. Our security experts assess the evidence, identify threat-related behaviors, and deliver a detailed evaluation with recommendations for strengthening your environment.
  3. You clean infected devices, close security holes and improve the performance of existing tools.
Not Your Traditional Security Test

Vulnerability scans and penetration tests only inspect the attack vector. Advanced attackers easily, and regularly, bypass perimeter defenses. Once hidden inside, your ability to find and contain them is what matters most. Damballa’s Network Security Checkup gives you that visibility with a thorough analysis of:

  • Active threats within your network
  • Endpoint communications with criminal Command and Control
  • Files downloaded and executed
  • Network traffic analysis
What to Expect

Network Security Checkup Implementation Guide

Network Security Checkup

Our Network Security Checkup requires only one thing from you: place our passive sensor in your network so we can see all of your outbound Internet communications. Our sensor monitors traffic between your endpoints and DNS server, Proxy server and Firewall. Damballa monitors live traffic, reviews the diagnostics, presents evidence and recommends remediation activities.

Use Cases

Damballa’s Network Security Checkup helps enterprises in a number of ways:

  • Perform due diligence on networks during enterprise acquisitions
  • Understand where prevention tools are falling short
  • Meet compliance standards for constant monitoring of threats
  • Pinpoint devices actively communicating with threat actors
  • Understand the overall health of the network
Pricing & Availability

Pricing is based on number of employees connecting to the network at a single location. It starts at $5,500.  Please contact us for availability.

Phone: 800-820-4527

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